About Me

My dirty little secret is that I don't actually work in an office! I did for a number of years, however, so I'm quite familiar with the challenges of getting healthy food on the table (ok, desk) every day. These days, I'm studying to become a Registered Dietitian and packing lunch daily for my hardworking husband.

I'm super into eating healthfully and reducing the amount of processed foods in our diets. Not eating in restaurants (at least on a daily basis) is a huge part of that - it's too hard to know exactly what you're getting, and too many places use unsavory ingredients to save time and money. Plus it saves big bucks, which you can put towards healthy cooking ingredients that are sometimes more expensive than conventional ones (organic, less-processed...you know the drill.)

I'm a carnivore, personally, but many of the recipes you'll find here are either vegan or vegetarian - I'm a big fan of limiting the amount of animal products in our diets for both health and ethical reasons, and usually when I eat meat it's for dinner when I have more time to prepare and enjoy it. That's not to say recipes including meat won't crop up on this blog from time to time, although it will most often be in the case of a dinner meal that provides enough leftovers to bring for lunch the next day.

Check out my other (arguably less health-focused) blog, Organic Antics.