The Project


I've heard it from everyone I know and I've certainly faced the dilemma myself: you want to bring your lunch to work, but you get stuck in a food prep rut and can't think of anything to bring! So you show up at work empty handed and find yourself waiting in line at an overpriced lunch joint yet again. You're out money, time, and you probably have no idea what you're really eating.

Here, I hope to show you simple, easy to prepare, healthy recipes that will be the highlight of your lunch hour and the envy of your office! Many require a fridge and microwave, but I plan on posting some that don't as well as everyone's lunch prep situation is different.


Since the problem of what to bring often starts with not knowing what to buy at the grocery store, I've broken down each ingredient list by Grocery List (things you will probably have to remember to buy) and Pantry (things you probably already have in the house). Be sure to skim the pantry list for items you may not have on hand, however, as this will vary from kitchen to kitchen! For example, I almost always have onions on hand, but you may not. And even if olive oil is a kitchen staple, you're going to need to buy more eventually!

In the interest of brevity, and also because many of these recipes are fairly straightforward, I won't go into too much detail concerning cooking methods in the post. If anything is unclear or you have questions on a particular technique, please let me know in the comments! I'll check back often and would be happy to provide further advice. I believe there's no such thing as a silly question when it comes to cooking...everyone has to learn how much salt is in a pinch at some point!